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150k pack.

  • there are only 150 packs made! each pack holds 9 items.


    'PRINT' from Lonely video 420 x 175 mm with white 27 mm outline on top/bottom and 10 mm on sides, 250gr paper. Comes signed and numbered on the back with a pencil.


    'TAKE CARE' air freshener 75 x 80 mm with Black Ice scent.


    'CARABINER KEYCHAIN' 100 x 25 mm Nylon strap with black carabiner hook and a keyring.


    'PIN' 20 x 20 mm acrylic pin with a rubber clutch. Comes with an applied protective film to prevent scratching, can be removed for clearer looks.


    'CROWNED.' white matte decal 130mm x 47mm.


    'CROWNED.' black matte decal 130mm x 47mm.


    'CROWNED.' 76 mm x 30 mm matte die cut sticker with a fade from orange to pink.


    'DEAD TOPIC' 76 mm x 56 mm holographic sticker.


    'NED THE PAINKILLER' 76 mm x 76 mm matte circle sticker.

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