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Rachel's 350Z

Rachel Teller is a friend of the player and Samantha. She helps the player earn a reputation in the city of Bayview. She drives a green (Metallic #10) Nissan 350Z with the Art Factory 6 vinyl, which is a unique dragon graphic with purple flames, and can be seen in the main menu if the player hasn't started Career mode.

It is fitted with a "Mantis" bodykit, a "Twister" carbon-fibre hood, a set of Racing Hart CP-FTUNE R 20" rims, an Ace exhaust, Voltage headlights, Reaper taillights, and a Lex 42 spoiler. Applied to the bodywork are two body decals, a black HKS decal on the left quarter panel, and a black Sparco decal on the right quarter panel. It has medium black window tint. The livery was taken straight out of game files and accurately recreated in Forza. For all decals search Gamertag - CCROWNY.

Stock body

Livery share code - 199 724 709 Tune for customization - 107 788 537

Stock body

Livery share code - 142 783 349 Tune for customization - 133 075 620

2014 Forsberg Racing Nissan "SafariZ" 370Z Safari Rally Tribute

Stock body

Livery share code - 159 001 179 Tune for customization - 133 075 620


created by: crowned

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