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Koenigsegg 'Zephyr'

Zephyr is the identity that the player takes the role of within the racer career of Rivals. The increased presence of the police, mixed with the actions of Police Officer 'F-8', causes Zephyr to step up their rebellion against the RCPD. Later Zephyr steals a decommissioned Koenigsegg Agera patrol unit and uses it to challenge the RCPD's officers. Agera is fitted with level 4 Shock Ram and Spike Strips equipment, as well as being differentiated from regular RCPD units by Zephyr's spray paint graffiti covering the left door with his name and the right with the Need for Speed logo. The livery was taken straight out of game files and accurately recreated in Forza. For all decals search Gamertag - CCROWNY.

Stock body

Livery share code - 161 971 157 Tune for customization - 732 746 649


created by: crowned


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