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The Eastsiders Eddies's R34

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Eddie appears as the main antagonist of Underground and is the leader of The Eastsiders. This car has appeared in lots of different versions in earlier screenshots featuring different wheels, decals and even car color. Car on game cover has bronze wheels with different Eastsiders logo but livery shared below is replica of in-game version.

Livery was taken straight out of game files and accurately recreated in Forza but sadly hood can't be replicated fully. We can't change materials of decals, so I had to choose between a proper carbon hood with orange decals or fake carbon hood with proper car color decals. This version is with proper carbon hood and orange decals that are matched to car paint color. For all decals search gamertag - CCROWNY.

Stock body

Livery share code - 529 989 102

Tune for customization - 627 945 043


created by: crowned


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