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React Team RX-7

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Car that never appeared in the ProStreet but was big part of the advertising. This car has countless versions with different wheels, sometimes mismatched wheels, different bumpers or kits, different paints, decals being placed in different places or decals being flipped on one side.

This specific replica is from earlier renders, link to reference pictures below. Decals were taken straight out of game files and accurately recreated in Forza. Each livery is specially made for each wide body and stock body, please use the correct version. For all decals search gamertag - CCROWNY.

Stock body

Livery share code - 130 131 569 Tune for customization - 124 509 118

KRC Japan

TCP Magic

Stock body

Livery share code - 874 630 006

Tune for customization - 771 063 948


created by: crowned


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